Sunday, January 23, 2011

Along for the Ride

Hello Sketchbookers, Diana here with a little bit about my process and my first drawings.
The way I work in a sketchbook is by letting my pen(cil) ride with my eyes. Freely finding its way.

Keeping the line moving. Loosely. That is the way I find the gesture in a pose so it feels alive. My little wooden articulated figure is very good to have. Art supply stores always carry them too.

You must find your own way. Are you a restless soul, like me? Are you more precise? This is when you begin to find out. There is a broad array of processes  presented to you here. I hope that you'll try them all out. See how they fit. What feels "right"?

In the coming months these first drawings will be refined, redrawn and remembered. And so, yes, I do these first drawings joyfully: these are the beginning steps in this voyage.

Here is a preliminary value sketch for a painting(s) in process right now.
I'm a big proponent of the mistake, the "bad" drawing, the sloppy, the intuitive. ("Oh, the hill should be smaller . Look more carefully at the bridge. How can I say it with less?"). I don't do one painting or drawing. I do three, or perhaps seven. The eraser is used to push and smear the pencil marks when my fingers are too smeary to do the job anymore. As soon as I pick up an eraser to rectify an error, that drawing begins to go wrong. My errors remind me (I am forgetful) of what I did that didn't work. It is double the information. And what's that here on the back of my last stitched collage? I love these lines. 

Be prolific.


  1. love the post, and it is so true..nothing I do is ever sketched once...because as soon as the pencil makes the first mark, I am thinking about how I want it to go next time....

  2. Thanks for this reminder. ReminderS. LOVE the valule sketch and stitching together!

  3. wonderful Post Diana!!! Often I like that backs of my stitched art quilts a whole lot better than the fronts. My overthinkig tendancies on the front don't appear on the back- the stitching is much losser and totally random and the story is so much better!!! HMMMMMM.............

  4. This is so wonderful. I would love to be able to loosen up more with my sketches.

    Hopefully in time...


  5. Great post. I have a tendency to put in to much definition. Over working it instead of letting it flow and be loose and suggestive. I love detail work and sometimes I think I over do. I'm along for the ride to learn to be a bit...ok a lot less Picky and critical of my work. Uhh.. learning !!

  6. The articulate figure is next on my wish list. I like this sketch.I too am a very restless person. I am not a good planner, so I often 'happen' upon a good drawing. i do like your value sketch. I should do those more often as that is where I'm likely to go wrong, but I'm always in a hurry.

  7. As writers we call them "sh**ty first drafts," compliments and thanks to Anne LaMott's Bird by Bird-a great and fun read for artists of all types for getting over the fear of making art.

  8. such a great post Diana filled with some great advice and insight for all of us.


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