Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Fun Car Is Fun!

And Highly Prized! Hi, Judi H., here.

This is my zippy little two-seater Altima.

She just got paid off last October and after our three-year companionship, I think she and I understand each other brilliantly. She'll be with me for as long as she can roll down the road. Her name is Fun Car because... well... because she really, really is.

This is my zippy little stacked journaling sketch of my Highly Prized Fun Car.

I lightly sketched in the outline and blunt details with pencil. Then I stacked journaling inside with Steadler Triplus Fineliner pens.


  1. Beautiful - and please could someone make an extra day in the week so I can spend ALL OF IT catching up on everyone's posts, and find the time to start my own pages. Why does freelance work always get in the way of what we plan to do? Guess I slipped up there.

  2. Love stacking words! Great post!

  3. Love the use of words for the actual drawing!
    Having a great time doing this--am glad I signed up for the challenge!


  4. It looks like a fun car and your stacked journaling looks even more fun.

  5. Creatively cool. You've added another dimension/option.

  6. I just posted my entry for the month. You can see it here
    and I must say I am enjoying all the interpretations so far. Very cool.

  7. How fun, just love the journaling inside.

  8. Interesting to see what everyone is posting. I just posted my first sketches on my blog. http://andsewitgoes.blogspot.com/2011/01/drawing-and-sketchbooks.html

  9. I too just posted my messes on my blog....although they aren't colorful...I guess I'm going to have to break out something other than pencil!


    Lisa Quintana

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  11. I really love the idea of creating an image with words. Thanks for the inspiration! My blog address is:


    Click on the "Sketchbook Challenge" tab to see my work so far. Thank you again and again for the inspiration!

  12. I think that’s witty! No sugarcoating, whatsoever, just naming it with its character. ;D Why do you say it’s fun, BTW? I’ve neither driven nor ridden one, but from what I’m seeing, it being a two-door car is fun! And really sporty. ;)


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