Sunday, January 30, 2011

highly prized continued

It's hard to believe that January is just about over!  Before I show you another page from my sketchbook I want to take a moment to thank all of you for your support and participation in the sketchbook challenge.  We're having a great time seeing all your sketches on the flickr group!

Here's another page from my challenge sketchbook for highly prized.

I have an extensive personal library made up of books in a variety of arts and crafts subjects and I love them all.   I did this quick sketch of one of my bookcases and used some colored pencils to give it some color.  I've had these colored pencils since I bought them several years ago in Houston at the quilt festival but never used them.  They're nice but I think I prefer my watercolor paints!

And speaking of watercolor paints...

Inspired by Jane's collaged color pages I decided to do something similar.  I started a new sketchbook and this one will be just for exploring collage something I've wanted to do for a while now.

And a peek at the first page in progress...

I'll add some sketching or some handwritten text to the left side of the page at some point.  

Now want to take a moment to tell you about Virginia Spiegel's ONE fundraiser because among the things I highly prize is the art worlds ability to not only rally around and support a great cause but the way in which we come together to lift one another up when one of us needs it.  The saying goes that there is strength in numbers but there is power in ONE:

Virginia Spiegel has organized an amazing event to raise money for the American Cancer Society and not only is it an opportunity to purchase a piece of amazing artwork by some of the most gifted artists I know (including sketchbook challenge artists Laura Cater-Woods, Jamie Fingal, Leslie Tucker Jenison & Lyric Kinard)  it’s also an opportunity to win some great prizes including a gift certificate good for anything from my etsy shop!
All you have to do to be eligible to win one of the 5 great prize packages is to help us spread the word about the event.  Tweet it, blog it, facebook it, post about it in your yahoo groups, talk about it in your newsletter, or add it to your email signature!  Each time you do a promo  email Virginia at – Virginia(at) - and your name goes into the draw.   And to make it even easier Virginia has the promos already written for you so all you have to do is copy and paste!
Here are links to everything you need to know about this event and how to be eligible for prizes:
For general information about the fundraiser, previews of and details about purchasing artwork click here.
For information on how to help promo the event and be eligible for prizes click here.


  1. Sue I think that sketching things in your studio is a great idea and collaging on a page to start is always a carefree way to begin a page. That is what I did for my first page in my journal, see it here
    Whew, at least I got involved before the end of the month.

  2. Sue, I love the watercolor collage page you are starting. I did a page or two with my colored pencils, but I was so happy to un-earth my watercolors. Now my pages are more ... me.

    here is my last page of the month.... I LOVE this sketchbook challenge.


  3. what a GREAT and inspiring blog this is. so glad i came over here. i want inpspiration to keep a sketchbook and now i've found it!!

  4. Sue, I decided to take the plunge, despite having no drawing skills at all. Guess it's time to acquire some! I blogged about my first drawing for the Sketchbook Challenge here:

    The posts on this blog are great.

  5. I finally got my sketch for January posted on my blog. I started it on January 8th, but then didn't know how to proceed. Finally after trying to scan it in and finding pencil alone doesn't show up well, I went back an inked and colored. Oh well... here it is -

    Thanks for this great blog/site! The inspiration is amazing that's for sure!


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