Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Highly Prized? Seattle!

Hello! This is Carla Sonheim... here are some pages made with the "Highly Prized" theme in mind...

Recently we moved from a very small town in Colorado to the city of Seattle, Washington... and I LOVE it! Truly, I'm so grateful to be living in a city now.

I love being around people...

... and museums!

The last two pages were drawn from Picasso's 1950 bronze, "The Goat" (which is currently at the Seattle Art Museum).

The top page was sketched while on top of the Space Needle on New Year's Day, and painted with gouache later...

Great theme, Jill!


  1. great stuff Carla, that second one is particularly striking. The face is so nondescript but at the same time very expressive.

  2. Seattle is definately inspiring. I try to visit at least once a year. Have you been to the International District? I want to spend days there taking photos and drawing...someday.

  3. Very funny to read "people.... and museums" with the goat. Goats in a city? Love the images!

  4. Great stuff! The first one really caught me.
    I've only ever landed and driven through Seattle, always on my way to Sequim or Canada. Would love to spend some real time there!

  5. Hi Carla,
    I love Seattle too, and spent quite a bit of time there between 1985 and 2007. There is even a slight chance I may live there someday if my current Italy experiment doesn't work out.
    Love the goats and, by the way, I'm in Silly 3.

  6. Ah, the city of Frasier. Love your pages and your take on the theme.

  7. I love your drawings -- makes me want to learn to draw your silly style! I've always been one to love natural/scenic type of things but your spin on life is very intriguing!

  8. I am a lover of goats so of course I loved your work (and Picasso's)! Goats are highly prized for sure! Never been to the West Coast at all but there are so many people I adore out there I might have to make the trip one day.


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