Monday, January 31, 2011

Highly Prized: TIME

Lyric here. I've thought about the theme all month. It only took a few minutes to know what I consider to be very valuable.


The first bit glued into my sketchbook? My usual schedule. It looks like that through next June. Five kids and a part time career will do that to you. Time is flying by and I often feel I'm missing it. My oldest daughter just applied for college. I'm feeling a little ... something. Excited? Yes. Apprehensive? Just a tiny bit - she's prepared. Bushwhacked? When did she grow up!?!

I've thought of images I wanted to incorporate. I've thought of amazing and wonderful outcomes.

I've also avoided actually doing anything until the last possible moment. It's a fear thing. Yup - me. The lady who preaches non-stop that "it's all about DOING the work and we can't let fear get in the way." Here I am in front of everybody - thinking everybody is expecting some fantastic outcome and feeling inadequate.

So. TIME for me to take my own words to heart and just DO it. Forget about expectations. 

1- The calendar gets glued in. Painted over with a bit of gesso. Oops. Now I remember that ink-jet prints smear when wet. Ah well, so be it. Find a couple of my favorite pics.

2- Let the gesso layer dry then paint a little bit of a color wash over that. I'm using Prochemical's Profab Textile Paints - because I have a LOT of them on hand. They're an acrylic and work fine.

3- Play around with photoshop and a few of the images that speak to my feelings. Print them out, cut them out, glue them in. I used a PVA glue this time. I think I might like gel medium better. We'll see.

4- Add a little more of a blue wash over the hands to blend it into the background.

5- More acrylic in a transparent blue and an opaque white - swirls in with a brush - like time swirling all around me and away.

6- Hunt through my stack of screen for the perfect image. Ah - there it is. This time I used it like a stencil, first with the white opaque paint, then a navy transparent. It was a pain having the wire binding loops right in the way. I'm seriously thinking of working with loose sheets then binding them as shown in Jane Davie's  tutorial. When I find some time.

I am addicted to thermofax screen printing. I have a machine and run a service, making ready made or custom screens. It allows me to feed my insatiable hunger for making new images in my own work. This particular screen came from a photo sent by Alexandria (one of my on-line students from of one of her antique pocketwatches.  
This is what my work surface looks like when I've got projects going on. Stuff left from the last class I taught. Samples shoved out of the way. Kids forms for school events to be filled out. The usual. No - I'm not an artist who thinks clutter is great - it drives me nuts. I work best when I can clean everything up and start fresh with room to work and breath. No TIME for cleaning up right now.

8- Last step - I started in with pencil, moved up to a Sukura Pigma Pen and then decided a sharpie would glide over the bumpy acrylics on the page. 

My baby has wings. She's ready to fly.
(make sure you click the image and view it large!)


  1. fantastic spread Lyric and I love seeing the process.

  2. Thanks for sharing. I think the smudging of the inkjet print can just be seen as life flying by in a blur with all the activities moms have to do.

  3. Lyric! Awesome!I just wish I had the imagination!

    I'll get there!

  4. Fantastic spread! She's a violinist? Tell her an amateur violinist from Europe is waving good luck :)

  5. Some of us need the pressure of time flying by to spur us into action!
    Beautiful spread.

  6. So enjoyed this! Thanks for sharing how your pages came together. :>

  7. A lovely spread, and I appreciate the meaningful words.

  8. Iadore process posts!! Terrific page Lyric!! I ahve just been through sneding the eldest off to college. He was well prepared and will be fine but I had no idea of the effect that it would have on me!! Still traveling that road and it is quite a journey for the Mom particularly!! I definately understand feeling bushwhacked!!! you will get through it- try to take some notes along the way!!
    Big Hugs!

  9. Amazing, Lyric! First, I find it hard to believe you have a daughter college age! Second, the fact that you feel fear facing the blank page. A lesson for me. Then the page itself. Beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing your thought process and techniques. I am learning so much! I hope you find some time this week to relax.

  10. Oh you are so right! Time is quite valuable when you have to balance family and career.

    And what a beautiful way to illustrate it!

  11. Lyric, this is wonderful! And you speak my language, girl. The table in my studio looks just like yours... I CANNOT function in chaos, yet there it is. No time to clean it up. >sigh<

    This is lovely - just lovely. Spoke to my heart. :o)

  12. P.S. And THANK YOU for explaining the process. So many times I want to try new things but don't have a jumping off point.

  13. Thanks for showing your process. Glad you kept going after the smearing- I agree it just helps it look like a blur. And thanks for the face drawing video-very inspiring.

  14. your time sketch came out lovely! I might just have to join in... great way of prompting! {:-Deb

  15. it's wonderful inspiration! thanks for sharing your process - i wanna play in the studio now...

  16. I love it lyric! wonderful process too.

  17. Wonderful Lyric, you and your art are inspiration to me!


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