Monday, January 24, 2011

Visual Journaling Tutorial part 1

This is the first of two video i created a few years ago on Visual Journaling (or art journaling). I hope you enjoy it!

Love, Violette


  1. Thanks for sharing;Your journal pages are extraordinary! I love the dream faces ( I call them dream faces when they are faces I haven't seen before!). Also enjoyed watching you glue things down from your pockets! I thought I was the only one that took junk from my pockets and purse and glued it down and painted over it! I have been doing this on my canvases for years! Its very eco-friendly!

  2. I laughed so hard about your "What is Beauty?" page and your desire to question WPTW(Well Put Together Woman-she's now an archetype). On my most Well Put Together day I felt I could conquer the world until I went to the restroom and discovered my thigh high underwear was on in such a way that the crotch part was at my waist and one side of the waist was now the crotch. Sure, nobody else could see that, but it shot my WPT balloon all to hell. It's the little things that make us so uniquely not WPT!!

  3. This is the first time I have visited your blog, and must say I'm feeling encouraged to give visual journaling a go, even though I don't consider myself to have basic drawing skills. (My journals tend to be more verbal.) You are so right about the fear to "de-blank" a page! Once you do, though, I think the process flows.

  4. Your journal is art-rageous. Your beautiful work really inspires.
    Your art proves that you do not need the most expensive to create.

  5. Pam - thank you for your kind comments.......nice to know i'm not alone in the gluing junk down department :).

    Marysu - oh my gosh......i laughed out loud about your WPT are too funny Marysu :)

    Judy - Oh yay!!!! can you let me/us know how it goes for you when you de-blank your page? (i love that word you just coined!)

    Monica - thank you so much - it's so can do so much with under 10 dollars of supplies.......really you can! You can always raid your kids/grandkids/neighbour's kids craft drawer for supplies :)

    Love, violette

  6. Violette, I purchased your book a while back and I have to say that is why I can draw faces now. Maybe not real faces, but faces. So thank you for your inspiration. The video was awesome, thanks for sharing. At least I got a Blog up and running, so now maybe I will get a page or two up before the end of the month. Yikes, I am running out of time:-/ Cindy

  7. I'm so happy that I've found your blog and videos,I look since hours!! I love your funny happy art works with all the colorful pieces. I'm just beginning with journaling and have to learn so much, thanks for sharing workshops and tutorials.
    I'll come back to visit soon, have a nice day.
    Hugs Anja from germany

  8. Great video! Thanks for sharing it Violette. It was god to see your happy face.

  9. Violette, my 20 yo daughter is doing this with me, a right brain/left brain thing, and one of the first things she said to me was "I don't know where to start" I sent off the link to this video of yours.

    I have always kept off the wall things, usually on a wall...,like your pocket of goodies, so I didn't have a problem finding Highly Prized things around here. But my left brain daughter was stumped. Yet she never hesitates to draw on herself. Go Figure. I have her blogged. Of course.

  10. Violette, I am anxiously awaiting the second tutorial! When can I expect it? I am anxious to finish my sketchbook page! a fellow Canadian!


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