Thursday, February 17, 2011

Any Time! Anywhere!

Lyric here. You truly don't need to be fancy about keeping a sketchbook.
Get a small one that is portable and keep it with you all the time.
It can be a place to freely doodle and play. 
You'll be amazed at how your drawing skills improve
simply by taking a minute here, a minute there.

 At the airport.

 Staying awake at church.

 Waiting for food at a restaurant.

 Insomnia late at night (drawn from a photo).

Just DO it!

I've posted more of my daily face drawings as well as drawings from a figure study session on my blog if you'd care to drop by and see the progress I've made. I'm surprising myself.


  1. I love the JUST DO IT! Right on!

  2. LOL !! I had to laugh at your staying awake at church drawing !! You are so right... just do it !! Putting little journal in my purse soon as I am finished here !!!

  3. This is great advice. I just got myself a little portable sketchbook...ended up outlining my new website logo in waiting room today:P

  4. Yup - doctors offices have lots of waiting time - perfect opportunity for a little sketch bit eh?

  5. So, we can dump the "opposites" topic since I've been having a heck of a time trying to figure that one out?

  6. You can do ANYTHING you want in your sketchbook. It does have to be tagged correctly in the flickr group to be eligible for the faaabulous prizes at the end of the month. Hey - you could do anything and call it "the opposite of what I'm supposed to do!"


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