Monday, February 28, 2011

Bow Wow and Meow

As you can see from my title, I bet you have guessed what my "Opposites" theme is for the February Challenge. I have been thinking of doing some dog and cat pieces and this was a chance to do one of my cartoonish drawings. Also, I got to play with my new set of Staedtler Ergosoft Aquarell Pencils that I won at an art auction this month. I really like these watercolor pencils because they blend so well when you add water to them. 

mad cat/happy dog

I have a stack of sketchbooks, so I am using more than one sketchbook for the challenges. The first one I used for the January Challenge is a small Moleskine that I painted the pages. For this Challenge I needed a bigger sketchbook and one with thicker paper. So, to give it a little personality, I have started collaging the front of it. I will be adding designs to it as I go along with the challenge. 

I am slowing coming out of my creative slump. I think the warmer weather here in the Southern United States is helping my mood. :) I am hoping to get outside more and do some sketching with friends. I think that will help a lot with re-energizeing my artistic juices.

Have a great March!!
susan sorrell aka creative chick


  1. Susan, did you glue down the newsprint or whatever and then paint over it? What type of paint did you use? I love the affect!

  2. Susan,
    Those of us accustomed to more sun in winter have a tough time when winter is grey, snowy and cold. I know we probably have one more cold snap before it's all over, but there has been more sun, which means we can get outside and breathe each day. It makes a big difference in my state of mind, for sure. I hope you (and the rest of us) continue to feel the stirrings of spring!
    SuzanneG in NC


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