Sunday, February 27, 2011

The Five Days of Frogs

by Violette

Sometimes I like giving myself a simple challenge just to stretch those creative muscles now and then. I tend to like drawing faces quite a bit so this time i gave myself the challenge to draw anything BUT a face. And to make things even more difficult i thought it would be a good thing to make a stencil of what i chose. This symbol would have to be used in some shape or form for the next five days of blogging. I chose a frog because i REALLY love frogs - in the spring, summer and fall when i go for a walk at the local park i always stop by a certain pond and call out to the frogs. I'm absolutely delighted when they call back with their familiar croak! So it was natural that i would choose a frog as my symbol.

Here are the five blogposts for the Five Days of Frogs:

Day 1 Cutting the Stencil

Why not challenge yourself to do something similar? It doesn't have to be a frog - could be a heart, tree, snowflake, shoe, wrench - you name it you can do it! Have fun with it! xo

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  1. Great idea. I like the idea of treating one subject in different ways.


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