Friday, February 11, 2011

collage studies

Hi. Jane Davies here. I was going to do these collage studies in my sketchbook, but decided I could work faster (because of drying time) if I did them on separate sheets. I will glue them into my sketchbook now that they are finished.

I took some of my stained papers (see blog post on this link for directions on staining papers) and made a few 5"x5" collage studies. I chose a fairly neutral palette - browns, beige, muted red, black and of course my quinacridone gold. They don't look that neutral here on the screen! First, here are a few of the papers, not just neutrals, close up so you can see the beautiful markings that the wrinkles make. This green sheet is full size, 12"x18".

And this is a close up of the quinacridone gold:
The buff is full-size:
The orange-yellow is a close up. On this one I painted part of it with diluted orange, and part with yellow. I love the way it came out.
Here are a few more of my collage studies. I tried adding just tiny bits of contrasting or opposite colors, in this case, bright ultramarine blue:
This one has just a tiny horizontal line of blue at the bottom of the black shape on the left.

I added a bit of turquoise to this one, but it's pretty subtle.
I continue my experiments with the stained tissue papers. one very nice thing about them is that, unlike colored tissue paper that you buy, the colors are lightfast and they do not bleed. I get the tissue paper in packs of fifty sheets, 12"x18" from Dick Blick.


  1. I love your studies. I shall have to look for the colorfast paper.

    On the other hand, I like when the color tissue bleeds. I use it for the ombre effect that occurs when you brush glue from one color of paper to another. That's why I purposely use cheaper paper. It also has a nice effect when you lightly brush glue on water color paper, lay the tissue on it then lift it off quickly. It dyes the paper in an interesting effect. Of course these are all things I found out by accident.

  2. I LOVE your last image. Turquoise adds a great focal pt.
    I have to agree w/McGrad89 the color bleed does give an added effect.

  3. I tried to find your stained tissue paper, 50 pk, on Dick Blick, and it did not come up at all, or even when I googled it. Could you post the specifics? Thanks.

  4. I can see I haven't been clear about what I mean by "stained papers". Go to my blog post on stained papers, which is linked in this post (click "stained papers" which is highlighted). I use Golden Fluid Acrylics to stain the papers. They are lightfast and the color does not bleed. If you want them to bleed, use watercolors. They will be much better quality than any colored tissue paper you can buy. THANKS FOR THE COMMENTS!!!

  5. I love your stained papers - brilliant color and a great translucent effect. What adhesive did you use to glue yours down? I'm looking for a good glue for collage that will do the least buckling of the paper. Thank you! Karen

  6. Love your stained papers. They are beautiful. Would rice paper work as well as the tissue paper?

  7. Oh, I didn not realize there was stained paper; how cool! I love your studies. I really like the one with the 3, little, vibrant blue squares. They really stand out and balance the piece so nicely.

    Here is my entry for this month's challenge:

  8. this is neat. A friend mentioned to me using tissue paper and I've never really took it seriously until now. The artwork is beautiful! I'll have to look into this more fully. I've been trying to find more creative art techniques instead of just my high detail and thus, high concentration drawings.

  9. Jane D. your collages are really lovely. Simple and superb. You've got a knack for composition!

  10. Thanks for your comments! I use slightly diluted gloss medium for the adhesive and top coat on the collages. Brush medium on the paper, place the stained tissue on it, then brush on more medium.

  11. I really like your collage!!!
    Reminds me of Rothko!


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