Wednesday, February 9, 2011

I liked the Jane LaFazio sketch that I posted earlier...
but it was more like Jane's sketches and not mine, wasn't it?
So, I decided to make it mine (a common thread with me, right?).
So, there you go.
A Jane Lafazio type drawing made to be a Carol Sloan type drawing.

I re-drew the key lying a piece of white paper (it makes it so much easier to see the shadows that way).
Then I added basically the same lines around it it that I had before...
except I used what a friend of mine calls "the zippers" around areas of them.
This technique started out innocently enough.
I was trying to darken the outline of something and I strayed outside of the line.
Instead of trashing the sketch, I used my error as a design opportunity.
That's one of the reasons that I tend to draw in pen- it makes me commit to my drawings, it makes me work with what I have on the's too easy for me to erase and re-do.

I used the word "secrets" instead of key.
Cause a key almost always hides a secret...
or two.


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