Saturday, February 26, 2011

Kids and Grownups, Opposites?

Hello all, Jill Berry here. I wanted to share a story of opposites, which is this month's theme.

Our family took a trip to Mexico last year. One morning I sat on the terrace of our hotel drawing the folks walking by on the Malecon, the path that runs along the sea front through much of the city of Mazatlan. I have had life drawing classes and took a realistic approach to drawing these folks, though if you have tried this you know how challenging it can be to sketch moving things. My kids were asleep inside, and I had coffee and my journal for at least an hour on that terrace. I tried to balance the page with color, composition and contrast.

Sam (who was 10) woke up, popped out on the terrace with major bedhead, saw what I was doing and asked to do a page. In one minute he drew Fish Boy, who “was laughing so hard his head got humongous.” I am especially fond of his seaweed style glasses.

Sam experienced no planning, hesitation, self-doubt or fear, he just leaped in like kids do. Watching him work is blissful, it makes my heart sing to watch him find a boy on the beach, interpret him this way and have at it. Our approaches were almost the opposite, and surely mine had exponentially more effort. Not that I was buried in fear, but you know what I mean.

I colored the page later since he was onto something else, so that part is mine, but I am enchanted with Sam’s Fish Boy, and see a real future for him.

There are more pages of this journal on my blog, and Diana Trout has some nudges about being inspired by kids on her blog.

Happy Saturday to each and every sketcher out there!


  1. I love it! Both sides! Hope you had a nice time with your family - sounds like fun! {:-Deb

  2. love it! - one of my favorite mottos is...Let Your Heart Be A Little Girl!


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