Monday, February 21, 2011

Making Marks

Hey sketchbookers. Diana here. So let's talk marks. We make 'em in the sand, in the snow. I was at a dinosaur museum in Connecticut once. The museum was built around a bunch of dino footprints. fascinating. Those footprints (marks) showed the life of those dinosaurs at a certain moment: how fast they were running, how much they weighed and the predator that was after them. There was an element of life there not felt in fossil bones. Marks symbolize movement in that way.

Here's a little drawing from this week. Drawing: an organized collection of marks.
I was playing with gesso on a black background. What can you make marks with? A credit card, clothespin. How about a piece of wire or a stick? I like writing into the wet paint with a stick and removing the paint. 
I used black ink on a white page too, but the photo really stinks. But that's ok. Try it.

Here's a bit of watercolor. The background piece was a japanese brush and black ink. Just looping the brush around and playing with the thick/thin line. I messed around with red and green watercolor (opposite=complementary). I used yellow and purple as well. In the front piece, I was messing around with a Derwent watersoluble pencil. Work with them on dry paper and then use a wet brush. Draw into a wet surface with them. I was lifting the watercolor from the background too, making light areas. Back and forth. Just pushing the paint and making marks.
Take your time. Get in your zone. Practice.


  1. Thanks Diana! I love your drawing on top, and your ideas. ~Kath

  2. Take your time ... get in your zone ... practice! What words of wisdom. And your mark-making suggestions are gorgeous and inspiring. Make Your Mark!!!

  3. Love this post!! Really fun and creative "marks" you used. I really like the watercolor one. Thanks for sharing. :)

  4. great post Diana - I always leave your posts feeling very inspired!

  5. That definition--drawing is an organized collection of marks...makes it sound so much more accessible. I can organize marks! Hooray! I can draw! Lovely samples too.

  6. The drawings are great. All of your artwork is so creative


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