Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Metal Wall Art

Carol Sloan here.

I have been helping a friend of mine call on some of his medical clients (I worked as an RN for almost two decades).
It's been very difficult for me to make the switch from  "artist" to "business person"  without having some type of art involved in it.
Even as an artists we have some "business" involved in it. Even though most of us don't like to take care of the business side of making art, we have to if we want to sell or teach what we do.

My post today doesn't really involve the business aspect of making art.
But it does involve the business of art making.


While calling on one client, I was sitting in the waiting room...well, waiting...
Being an artist, I tend to notice every little thing around me.

In this particular room, there was a piece of metal art on the wall.
I have no idea what it was made out of, who made it (no mark indicating that) or where it came from.
It could have been a mass produced design for all I know.

It was on a curved base so it really appeared to be a 3d representation of three slim trees or twigs.
It really sparked my interest as well as inspired a couple of drawings from me.

I'll show you the original quick sketch that I made on a post card while sitting in the office.

It wasn't exactly like the metal art, just similar enough that I could see
the shape that interested I could see the potential that I saw in it the first time.

I took this card home and drew a couple of similar drawings in my sketchbook.
What I am doing is trying to play with the general shape of the arching trunks or limbs.
I am also trying out a couple of different leaf shapes.

Here are two that I have finished (while at baseball games).

I may draw a couple more to try out a spacing idea that I have.
In the mean time, I will place these in my sketchbook journal for future use.

I always carry a small sketchbook with me in my purse but this time I didn't have my purse with me.
I used the only thing that I did have, which was a post card to write my work notes on.

I would have never been able to recall the shape of the trees when I got home.

Always, always sketch something when you see it or as quickly as possible after that so you can record the very thing that caught your attention in the first place.
Or take a photo of it.

You'll regret that later if you don't.

I hope that you all are having a peek at the great work over at the flickr site!
I'm impressed and inspired every single day by the work that is posted there.
Hope that you're drawing everyday - your skills really will improve if you do this.


  1. You're so right Carol. It's like having dreams and when you wake up you're SURE you're going to remember them. A few hours later you can barely even recall the highlights. Yes, we need to capture the things which resonate with us immediately. The very high calling of a sketchbook. Thanks for sharing your adorable twigs. I heart them.

  2. Nice! It shows that the simpliest things can sometimes be a great inspiration. I really love what you've done with it!

  3. Carol you have been granted The Stylish Blog Award for your most creative and inspiring blog. You will find your blog linked in my current blog post. Congratulations.

  4. Hey Carol,

    I like your drawings. Especially if you put in a frame with a contemporary design, it will surely look good together. I agree to the older comment that says it's dreamy, it's just so fascinating in our eyes. You are just so blessed with such hands.


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