Monday, March 21, 2011

Book Making

Carol Sloan here.

I've been making samples for a book making class that I have coming up on March 22  in Asheville NC.
I use scraps of watercolor paper that I added layers and layers of paint on.
I love making these papers to use in my artwork.

This is what I did with those scrap papers-
I made the book covers out of them.

And here's a shot of a couple of pages that I have sewn inside the book.

Not all of the pages are painted at this point. I usually keep these small books to the side of my work table and as I have extra paint (or ink) left over at the end of a work session, I smear them onto one of the pages in whichever book I grab first.

You could say that my studio is spilling over with painted papers.

So, your sketchbook/visual journal/art journal doesn't always have to have actual drawings in them - sometimes I just use mine to try out color combos, new painting techniques and possible resists.

They all hold my artwork - my secret art yearnings.

They are all spilling over with my artwork.


  1. How beautiful! I love the idea of using leftover paint to cover pages, and then you can use those pages as a background for something else. Very inspirational! Love this.

  2. "...secret art yearnings" I have so many of these!! Love the phrase, may I steal it? (secretly, of course) And thanks for the using up leftovers idea-I always hate losing any art materials to waste-now I can have a waste-free zone!

  3. What a fantastic thing to do! That's my next big project, thanks to you, and no more wasted paint.

  4. So much information I love that you are using left over paint on your book pages can this also be used on scrap booking page design. The Sketchbook Challenge is really great love it.

  5. Gorgeous book. I love making books and making pages, thick and flexible with paint. YUM. I have SO many books though...

  6. This is a fabulous book cover, Carol. I wish I could be in Asheville for your bookmaking class.

  7. what a great idea! i would love to take your class but, unfortunately, i'm on the other side of the country.

  8. Thanks for the great idea for using leftover paint, etc. I'm finally getting the freedom to color on pages without having a total plan for it. :) Your book cover is lovely.

  9. I love this idea for in the 'book' directly. have paper on my desk for ATC and such but never 'spilled over " in my journals with out intent. Thanks!

  10. Great idea for a book and a cover! ("How about a tutorial on showing how you made this little book?" she asked coaxingly.)

  11. this book is lovely the carefree style in which it is constructed. Similar to my Quilted Collage Journal. I always use books to receive left over paint it seems so practical.


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