Monday, March 28, 2011

Continuing to Spill Over

Carol Sloan here again.

I just absolutely love the theme this month!

I love seeing how each of us, as well as the folks over at the Flickr site, are working with it.

I've posted a couple of pages that the theme has inspired me to create.

But this time, I thought I'd show how one of my sketchbook pages inspired me to take it a step (or ten) farther and create a piece of (functional) artwork.

It all started out with a sunny day here in South Carolina.
I sat down on our patio to do some sketching...

Imagine one of those old western movies - where the sun is beating down on the parched faces of the bad guys (or good guys!).
Remember how they always made the scene all blurry... the only thing that you could identify was a partial outline of the sun itself?
That's what the day looked like to me and what I wanted to recreate on my  sketchbook page.

I had already painted some of the pages in my sketchbook, just waiting for the right subject to come along.
I flipped through them and found just the right page for my sun - all pink and yellow with areas of white and tan to show the spots that I kept seeing.

This is what I drew in my sketchbook.

A blurry, wobbley kind of outline - I was trying to allow the color of the page to speak for the itself.

I've been making samples for a class that I am teaching in mixed media book making. I thought that the sketch would be a great cover for a book.
I really loved the colors on this page and wanted to use it for something more.

I scanned it into the computer and printed it out on a heavier weight paper.
I also cropped the sun off of the page and printed out another copy for the back cover.
After adding a few ingredients over my potion pot - the image was ready for its debut as a book cover.

I've kept the sketchbook drawing/painting intact inside the  little book and used my artwork for another purpose.
This is a great way to use your sketchbook pages for a piece of artwork!

Check out more pages on my blog for other ideas.


  1. Love the book and those colors are happy and comforting.

  2. I love your book Carol. I upcycle old hardcover books and this post gave me even more ideas.

    Thank you for your Sketchbook Challenge. I have never sketched except for doodling while I am on the phone. After reading this blog and your blog, I decided to try sketching. Having a theme helped me too! I am going to post my Spilling Over sketch on my blog...tried Flicker but had some techie problems there. Thanks Carol for challenging me to try something new.


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