Saturday, March 5, 2011

Face to Face and a Sketch-In in N.C.
Lyric here. I gave a presentation at my local library last week - can I just say how much I love libraries?! I think most of my new directions in life have begun with large stacks of books checked out from the library. Most of my book was written there. I can make art with five kids at home and being interrupted every two minutes - but I can't write that way. This was just a little way to give something back to my favorite community place.

I love sharing my philosophy of ART with everyone. This is it. YOU are creative! YOU can learn to draw if you are willing to spend the time doing the work and if you are willing to give yourself permission not to be perfect. It takes us years to learn to read and write - why do we think that we should be able to draw the first time we pick up a pencil?

I enjoyed talking with so many people after the lecture. Especially Hannah! She was a delight to meet and mentioned that she follows the sketchbook challenge. She was a brave soul and brought her little one along - love that! She had something bright in her hand that drew my eye right away and (magpie that I am) I practically grabbed it out of her hand to examine this sweet little hand made sketchbook. Then she gave it to me. I still can't believe she gave it to me - I'm so honored. Pop over and take a peek at her pantry sketchbook  tutorial so you can make your own.

SO - the upshot is... we're going to start our own sketch-in and YOU are invited!!! No "talent" required. Just come and have fun and play. Bring a sketchbook and whatever you like to use in it. I'll lead a warm-up exercise at half past each hour but mostly we'll just play. Come when you can, leave when you must.

Friday March 18th
10am- 2pm
Bring food to share for lunch if you'd like, kids are welcome
Lyric's studio in Cary, NC 102 Kilmorack DR.


  1. Would you consider taping the warm ups for those of us spread out across cyberspace? It would be fun to take part in a sketch in, even if it is a virtual one!


  2. Thank you so much for this, Lyric! What an inspiration. I saw your vidcast with Bonnie McCaffery the other day, and it is FABULOUS to see you in action. I'm on board with 71square on doing some sort of virtual sketch-in.

  3. PS: I'm going to buy your book, even though I'm not a quilter.

  4. What a great event this is going to be Lyric!

  5. Wow, this is very close to me! I would love to attend, but am at work during that time. Hmmmm, maybe I can schedule a vacation day!


  6. Lyric,
    Today in my class in NJ we had a great discussion about journaling and the Sketchbook Challenge came up. Now we're all grouped around the IPad looking at you inspiring site. thank you!

  7. I'm glad you put in a nice word about libraries since I work in one!

  8. Kim - FANTASTIC idea!!!!
    We will certainly do some quick video tutorials!

    Joy! Come join us!
    It would be a well deserved mental health day! If i didn't have teenagers and other busy kidlets I could do an evening or saturday sketch-in as well. alas - my evenings are never my own.

    Laura - see me waving hello to you all!!! (I think I need an ipad!)

  9. Thanks, Lyric, quick videos would be sooo cool!



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