Friday, March 18, 2011

Greenville SC-Sketch In

Carol Sloan and I (Susan Sorrell) had our first Greenville, SC Sketch-In on March 14th and it was a lot of fun! We met new people and had a great time sketching. We met at a local coffee shop called "The Brew and Ewe", had some caffeine and started drawing. I wanted to post some photos of all us sketching away. :)

This is my sketch for the Spilling Over Theme for March! 
Hope everyone is have a great month!
Susan Sorrell


  1. GREAT spilling over sketch! A little more info on that? How did you approach it? What was all the subject matter?

  2. It was so much fun, wasn't it Susan? I can't wait until the next time that we meet - at a local vineyard!

  3. ..such the perfect get-together; I might imagine other patrons in the coffee shop would want to come peek at your progress. Coffee, girls and pencils, creativity at its best; a delightful setting. Wish I were closer!

  4. Jane..the subject matter was coffee spilling over..since we were all at a small table, it made for interesting drinking. ;) We really will be spilling over at Victoria Valley Vineyards April 4th! Wine and Sketching...will be a challenge. :)


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