Tuesday, March 8, 2011

A little series of everyday objects

Jane LaFazio here. I've been doing a little series, in my sketchbook, of everyday objects. I've chosen objects that I use almost daily, that have a story or meaning for me. Just goes to show, you don't have to find something super special to sketch & watercolor...everyday objects are perfect.




  1. I love them all escpecially the pin cushion. Mine is a tomatoe with a strawberry hanging from it - just like my mom had when I was a kid - my husband searched all over for it one xmas for my stocking!!! yep - everyday objects!
    thanks for sharing

  2. Lovely little watercolors. The black cup looks like one I have, that a friend of mine made.

  3. Lovely and inspirational! That's why I love sketchbooks :-D

  4. What an inspiration! Thanks, Jane. I saw these previously on your blog; nice to see them up here.

  5. Lovely little objects, Jane. It helps to appreciate those things we touch everyday.

  6. Wonderful objects of meaning ...I ordered one of her small pincushions after seeing yours on your blog.

  7. Fantastic Jane. I am definitely in your fan club. I am going to try everyday objects to continue my painting after your class. I'll post them on Flickr.

  8. I have enjoyed following this wonderfully enabling site, and as a long-time keeper of sketchbooks and journals, I love checking in each day to read the latest post.

    This past weekend, I decided to include my almost-five-year-old granddaughter in the Sketchbook Challenge by making her a small book of her own. Today I gave it to her, and we both sat down at my studio drawing table and drew/sketched the daffodils growing just outside the window, she in her book, I in mine. I was so pleased that she chose a sky of pink and violet, not feeling compelled to use the traditional blue most young children are taught to choose!

    Thanks for the encouragement!

  9. Great project. I've been trying to sketch more often also and only recently start using watercolors in my sketches. It's more fun when you add the color,right?

  10. Ha!! I was thinking that teabag label has amazing lettering :P it's stuck on....nice one.. great cup!!!!

  11. due to the wonders of google, I discovered your art, andthen this site, and I must say, I am in
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