Friday, March 4, 2011

Looking at Art

Hi all, Diana here with some inspiration from four artists. No real theme here: just random work  I love and wanted to share with you. 

Miriam Schaer is a book and installation artist. Here are a couple of sketches.

A couple of sketches of a Psalter she viewed at Sotheby's. Inspiration.

An installation by Eva Hesse. I adore her drawings. You can google her to see some of them. Type in her name and drawings (she was pre-internet). 

 Louise Bourgeois, also P-I.

Cy Twombly leaves me speechless. Another P-I



  1. Thanks, Diana! A good reminder to periodically look around the web, galleries, or museums at art, just to see our work in a broader context and get inspiration.

  2. great post Diana. I'm a fan of Eva's and Cy's work too.


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