Wednesday, March 16, 2011

A New Way to Sketch

Well, how much fun is THIS? I treated myself to a Wacom tablet and have discovered a whole new way of sketching--using the computer. Here are my very first little bitty drawings. I used Sketchbook Express to create these and then added color in This little small sized tablet was under $200 and came with several wonderful drawing programs bundled in. Very simple but effective. Should I print them out and put them in a physical sketchbook? Pondering the ever changing world.....Kelli


  1. I love drawing on a wacom :)

    Have you ever tried to make an animation using one.

    I've made several. It takes getting used to a sketchpath, but once you get the hang of it, it is fun.

    Take a look at my sketchpath animation if you want:

  2. Oh fun! I didn't know you could. Lots more to learn, but I'm finding it relaxing to sketch on the Wacom while we watch a movie.

  3. We bought my 13 year old a $60 Wacom for Christmas because she was breaking our budget with paper! She LOVES it and I've been so tempted to borrow it from her.

  4. Kelli - I love this! Ooohh, I may have to save my pennies for one...I knew that they were your drawings as soon as I saw them!

  5. My daughter got a sketch pad for Christmas and loves it for working on her Japanese anime. She draws them in Fireworks and sometimes when the PC is working she uses a free app we downloaded called GIMP.

    If you made all of your sketches the same size you could just print them all out in a book on a place like Mixbook or some other book printing co.

    I love your drawings.

  6. I ordered some of the product you blogged about. Haven't gotten it yet but will soon. I used to do that with rum, or some kind of drinking alcohol but my new printer doesn't use the same kind of ink and doesn't work so I have been hunting all my old NG.


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