Thursday, March 24, 2011


Diana here with sketchboxes.

Some of my sketches live in boxes. Here is one of my sketchboxes brimming over with tiny books. Bead books, pamphlet books and wee accordians. At the ready to be picked up and sorted through. Played with whenever I want to make more. The box has extra painted papers and bits of threads, ribbons and odds and ends all ready to go. 
I need a bigger box
Below is a box of small paintings, studies and ideas for my NorthEast Kingdom cottages, See more here on Etsy and on my website under Paintings. I can dip in there anytime to finish paintings and start new ones. 
Cigar boxes, shoe boxes, flat baskets and bowls, they all work to wrangle the unruly batch of sketches. Let 'em spill out of the book and into the box. (hahaha).

If you have an urge to read more about vessels/containers, I have a post here on my blog.

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  1. I love the idea of having a box of pages that are already painted to pick through when the inspiration hits! I do the same thing Diane.


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