Sunday, March 27, 2011

Spilling Animals

Hello! This is Carla Sonheim... how are you this week?

I have been quiet. We are now in our third month, and it's time to admit to all of you that these themed challenges have been, well... a challenge! It seems every time I put pen to paper, and try to come up with something that goes with that month's theme, I freeze.

Has this been happening to any of you?

Lately I've been drawing lots of creatures in my sketchbooks — one to a page. But the other night I was determined to do a bunch of animals ALL ON ONE PAGE, my "nod" to this month's theme of Spilling Over.

The four animals above was all I could manage before I chickened out out drew the following on it's OWN page:


(In some ways, we just are who we are.)

BUT... guess what happened the next day? I went to my studio to paint, and animals just kept spilling out... that's the only way I can describe it. (Yes, they were one to a canvas, but still, there were a lot of canvases!)

I did it! I did it!



  1. Carla - I LOVE the bird! And don't you just love it when your artwork just spills that way?

  2. Carla -- Thanks for sharing your thoughts! I too have to step forward and admit the same. I love everyone's work for "spilling over", but for me, my mind goes blank.

    Just a side note, I love your style and your animals. I'm enjoying your book and loved your Art of Silly! Keep up the good work!

    As for me, I'm not giving up on this challenge.

  3. I love both pictures. That little bird is terrific. Yes, that is what is happening to me! I journal events and ideas in my life and the themes just don't always fit. Spilling over? The only real thing spilling over for me is my desire to have a home in California but my husband is happier on his 40 acres of Arizona desert. So, what could be spilling over? I sometimes feel like I have to contrive something and that doesn't work. But, it's a challenge and it makes me think a bit more broadly about my journal, my life and even how to stretch to do the challenge. So I say, don't stop giving out the challenges!

  4. I have had trouble sticking to the monthly theme too. My spilling over has been concentrated on that darn plarn making that I just learned. Plastic yarn. LOL I am now collecting all colors of shopping bags.

  5. Though I look in every day, I haven't yet commented, partly because I was somehow locked out (something to do with flash, I think). Persisted this time, though to tell you that I LOVE your drawing of the 4 animals together. Nice work!

  6. Your animals are always tender and sweet. As far as the monthly theme, I come up with something within a day or two, but then I am blank for the rest of the month!

  7. Hey, wonderful drawings! and yes, me too. It's taken me this long to realize that the themes are great but not to worry too much about them. It's really all about drawing!


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