Saturday, March 12, 2011

Spilling Over the Edge

Hi. Jane Davies here. I've been thinking about this month's theme in terms of edges. Spilling Over the edge. I wanted to try collages in which I placed some elements straddling the edge of the support. These sketchbook entries are my way of tossing around that idea. We'll see where it goes.

For these first two, I made an abstract bit in acrylics - baltic blue, baltic green, Turner's Yellow, and white - in the center of the page. Then I used a homemade foam stamp and a spiral stamp to add elements in quinacridone gold, hanging over the edge of the original bit.

On both pieces, the white crayon came out for a scribble, and then sepia watercolor. I'm just discovering this crayon resist thing, even though I've demonstrated it before in isolation. Now I am finally starting to use it.

For these next two, I actually tore a page out of my last sketchbook and glued pieces of it into this new one. The dark amber pieces are the old sketchbook pages. Quinacridone gold and Quinacridone Burnt Orange. Love those deep, warm tones! Golden fluid acrylics, of course.

After laying down the collage bit, I painted with acrylics - same baltic blue and green, a little nickel-azo yellow, some white.

I used the spiral stamp again, let the crayon have its say, then watercolor in pthalo blue and some kind of orange. Added a bit of line work with paint and pen.

This last one is just a beginning. Some paint on a sketchbook page.

I don't know what will come of these explorations, but it has me thinking about edges and open space. Usually my collage-paintings are pretty dense, and I have to make a conscious effort to leave some breathing room. So maybe I will make pieces that spill over, or maybe I'll just think more about edges and open space. I like how these challenges can lead you on new journeys.


  1. edges: lost and found, real and perceived, physical/metaphoric... LOVE your approach to the theme, and the paintings/collages are wonderful.

  2. These are gorgeous, I love your color palette!

  3. love the layers of colors and the shapes and edges...they just jump off the page! I am in awe of the free spiritedness of your use of these media, and how it all just comes together so beautifully!

  4. The edges... stay away from the edge! This is good to think about. Tension at the edge. Hmmm.
    Your color is spectacular.

  5. simply fab. your sense of color and style is wonderful!

  6. There's what I don't do: begin by throwing color on a page!! I might get off the ground more often now if I just throw color at the page!! Why is begin the toughest first step? Thank you!

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