Saturday, March 26, 2011

spilling over

Sue B here with a picture of my very messy painting station...

Why am I showing you my very messy painting station?  Because the mess I made there spilled over into this months sketchbook challenge theme...

The tags in this accordion book were made by fusing some of my "off loading" papers to some heavy card stock.  When I'm painting I either work on top of some scrap paper or some dry wax paper because I found that most often these scraps end up being covered in some very cool color combinations. The back of the tags are blank for sketching on.

One of my favorite ways to spend an afternoon is to break out a box of unwaxed deli papers, some paint and a brayer.  I put down a piece of plastic ( or a piece of glass will work too) spill some paint on top and then smear it a bit with the brayer.  Then I lay a piece of deli paper on top and brayer over it, lift off the paper and hang it to dry.  I just keep adding paint and painting papers until I have a nice big stack:

This pile ended up getting pasted into an old book that I picked up at a recently library book sale.  Every so often my library has a big book sale where they sell off old or damaged books that are no good for lending anymore and I can usually pick up a couple of new ones to alter for just a dollar or two ...

Every time I pick this book and flip through it up I find some new imagery in the paint splatters on the pages.  I saw a dog in this one so I went back and added some lines with a paint pen.

And I think some graffiti lettering spilling over the pages is just what this one needs...

Speaking of books, I just finished a terrific book about creativity and drawing called The Confident Creative: Drawing to free the Hand and Mind by Cat Bennett.  You can see my complete review on my blog here.


  1. I love that accordion book... the colors are happy ones...the circles u cut out add to the pockets... Great ideas!.

  2. I love to make background pages from left over paint. And I love your accordian book too! Awesome Sue!

  3. I love altering books but I usually paint directly into the book, though I have plenty of "background papers" too. I think I will try your approach soon, thanks for the inspiration Sue!

  4. Oh I love this idea using the deli papers. The accorion book is so fun! I too love the color combo. Thank you for sharing your gift !! xxxxx

  5. fabulous post - that book is awesome

  6. Oh Sue--these are so gorgeous. Would love to be a fly in your studio!

  7. Thanks Everyone!

    Kelli fly by my studio anytime!

  8. These are BEAUTIFUL, Sue!!! Where do you get the unwaxed deli paper? I am reading The Confident Creative as well, and highly recommend it to anyone who wants to draw or make art. Your mess is NOTHING compared to my mess!

  9. LOVE the tag book!! really lovely.


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