Monday, March 28, 2011

spilling over

This is Laura c-w, sending you greetings and warm wishes.
February spilled into March, now March is spilling over into April. Here in the frozen North we are still enjoying gray, moist, chill. The hints of green are elusive. This year even the crocus are biding their time.

My sketchbook seem filled with studies of cracks in the ice. These changes in surface fascinate me. I've been looking at the contours of some puddles as they expand and contract, the fissures in deeper ice, the fingers of thaw along banks. All interesting patterns.

Basic tools include visual reference ( a rock with patterning similar to my idea/memory of ice, pigma pen, Derwent water soluble pencil, mechanical pencil, hard white eraser - for softening areas.

Here are some pages:

graphite with water applied

Pigma ink, all lines

combination graphite, ink and erased areas

the essential contours, drawn very quickly with the pencil on its side.

Where will these studies take me? If the season changes quickly, I may find color more important as a stepping off point. If the current conditions persist, I envision some soft painted surfaces exploring these lines and patterns. We'll see. Does the weather inform or influence your visual work? If so, how?


  1. Laura I'm very inspired by the images you've posted here!

  2. Fascinating study... never thought to consider the patterns created, tho have often been mesmerized by the beauty found there.

    Nicely done.

  3. nature has lines everywhere to explore. Lately I've been looking at rain and hail pouring out of the sky wishing I could capture it's movement in a still, the force of it as wind drives the lines in a diagonal line across my vision. I've been also looking at mud, the trails of water through it and the imprints of things in it. Today was reflections in puddles, the heart shape inside a walnut shell that a crow ate at the back door of my classroom and the slick black feather us. Nature does indeed show me pattern, texture and beauty.

  4. interesting organic shapes...very nice

  5. Beautiful drawings. Very inspiring, Laura. Thank you.


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