Monday, May 30, 2011

Birds~ can't resist 'em

maraschino bird
Jane LaFazio here. I love birds. They're one of the few things I don't draw from life. I usually draw from photos, or in the case of these guys, most were drawn from little artificial birds from a craft store. They make a great drawing subject and they don't fly away!


  1. I love these, and the variety of techniques that you use when you paint. So simple, yet utterly amazing. You have inspired me to draw and paint from real life.

  2. What a wonderful blog you all have here! I love these birds and they are certainly more than just sketches. They are truly art! I've added a link to The Sketchbook Challenge in the sidebar of my blog. I'll be reading you frequently.

  3. I love your little birds! I teach art in our local high school and we recycled newspaper as you have done here a good bit this year, drawing with various media such as charcoal, pastels, inks and paints. I think it makes such an interesting texture to a composition. The kids loved it, too.
    Good work! Keep drawing!

  4. I love both your birds and flowers. I like to make stamps of birds too then paint and collage over the prints. Kathy

  5. Took your BIG BOOK workshop at Create. I had a BIG BLAST. You were great and inspired me.
    Judy Westerfield
    P.S. However,you cost me money -- I came home and am turning our small den area into a "studio"


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