Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Can't Resist getting together for a Sketchcrawl



Jane LaFazio here. Here are my three sketchbook pages for this month's theme. I created the backgrounds at home, by using a stencil and spray gesso. I also used the stencil with masking fluid, but it came out sort of chunky. Then, on location, I drew, inked and painted with watercolor.

susie at the tabledominque and rachel
In San Diego, we have a  Sketchcrawl group. (I'll tell you more about how that works in a minute.) This month we met in one of our members backyard. Eleven of us showed up around 10am, then ate lunch together and shared our journals. A wonderful time, as usual!
Lori and meRachel and dominique
Joanne lunch with some of the group
nancy lemke
Nancy's image with rubber
cement resist on the background
rachel does all 4 challeges
Rachel caught up with all most
of the challenges on just one page.
My friend, Andy and I started the San Diego Sketchcrawlers in June 2006, inspired by Danny Gregory. Here's how it works. We have moderated yahoo group. Anyone can join. We post the dates and locations of our upcoming Sketchcrawl and whoever wants to come, does. There's no cost, no committment. We are in San Diego County, so we try to alternate locations from North to South, and Saturday to Sunday. We also have a weekday group, that meets in Balboa Park. All announcements and communication are made through the yahoo group. Sometimes we'll need rsvps, if we're going to a private home, but usually we go to public parks, nurserys, nature centers, neighborhoods, museums where it doesn't matter how many show up. We usually meet at 10am, break for lunch (sack lunches) and sharing around 12:30 and those who want to stay longer do. We have 100 members or so, some who have never come, some who show up once every two years, some who come most every time. The most we've ever had show was 22 people, and that's when I offered to buy lunch for everyone! Usually we have from 6-15 attend. I encourage you to set up your own group. Our 'membership' has built by word of mouth, and every single time I go, I feel like it's been a day well spent--A day spent drawing with friends in beautiful San Diego. 


  1. What a great way to do a group! Thanks for sharing this. Also, I never heard of Spray Gesso, but I'll put it on my next Blick order. Your images are beautiful. I love seeing the diversity of your work. THanks for posting.

  2. Such lovely sketches ... light,loose and fun ... wish I could find a group of sketchcrawlers like yours !

  3. Great idea, Jane! I love those sketches, they are so lively!

  4. Jane, your backgrounds are breathtaking. The totality of your sketches are just magical. You should own Dick Blick, as I've been a regular ever since taking your workshop.

    Thanks. Someday, I'll make it to a Sketchcrawl.

  5. These pages are so incredible. I love the style. Thanks for the inspiration.

  6. Beautiful pages Jane. I really love them.


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