Thursday, May 26, 2011

Crayon Fun

Hi Sketchbookers, Diana here, reporting in from my brand new shiny Typepad Blog! I hope you will come and visit me and join in the fun.

These little crayon and watercolor drawings were my salvation whilst building my new blog. There is something just so magical about the crayon and watercolor.
It really makes me feel and make art like a kid. The Caran d'Ache Neocolor 1 crayons are wax just like Crayolas but creamier. I am now a crayon snob :). 

So, you know about this, right? You make a crayon drawing and then go into it with the watercolors and the crayon marks act as a resist to the watercolor. 

I'm using my Strathmore Visual Journaling watercolor here. Such great paper, it holds the color very well. I squirt water onto my watercolors and let them sit a while. 

These are such fun to do. I used my Sakura watercolor kit with the crayons. Everything was just sitting there waiting for me when I was ready to take a break from HTML hell!

If you don't have fancy-pants art supplies, use your Crayolas and a cheap-o paint set. Here's a video link to my YouTube video, Juicy Watercolors to get you started. Enjoy! and come visit me.


  1. This looks like something I would like to try, and maybe use as a craft with my children's fellowship too. Thanks.

  2. Ooohlala. Fabulous color and very inspirational. Love the tip about spraying the paint box to soak up the water. Going to dig out my crayons today!

  3. Hope you have fun with this! Thanks for commenting.

  4. Oh, I remember doing that as a kid! What a great idea to use in sketchbooks! I might just do that today.

  5. Best wishes with your new blog! See you on twitter!

  6. Oh yes, Claudine! DO IT. I just posted on my blog ( about this + a to do list :)

  7. As a kid, crayon resist was one of my favorite art forms. Must try it again soon.

  8. Now that really does look like a whole lot of fun! And, you're right, those Stathmore Visual Journals are filled with fabulous paper!
    Your posts are always good to see.


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