Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Digital Art Tutorials

Hi, Jane Davies here.

Cloth Paper Scissors Magazine has just put out a free e-book of four digital art tutorials, one of which is mine! I'm thrilled to pieces to be included in this e-publication, and it is FREE! You can download it HERE. In my tutorial I discuss how to alter images in Photoshop and print them out on fabric to use in fabric/paper collage. Here are a few pieces in progress using these techniques. The finished pieces are in the e-book.

"Forest Dream"


I want to show you in a little more detail how I got some of these layered images in Photoshop. Go to my blog to see my demonstration. I hope you take advantage of this free e-book. The other authors are Marie Otero, Chrysti Hydeck, and Kathyanne White.


  1. congrats! I love working with photoshop, but don't have it at home...

  2. Cool! Thanks so much for sharing your talents with us! Can't wait to read the e-book.


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