Monday, May 16, 2011

Greenville SC Sketch In

Today is the regularly scheduled Sketch In for Greenville SC.
I (Carol) can't be there today  but Susan will be there with bells on her toes (and probably in her hair as well!).

There are a few people that are meeting early for breakfast at Mary Beth's (500 E. McBee Avenue).
They are planning on meeting there about 9:00am for breakfast.

The actual Sketch In will be at 10:00 at Christ Church cemetery, located at 10 North Church Street Greenville, SC.

Be sure to bring a small stool or camp type chair if you want to sit and sketch.
I'd suggest sunscreen and a wide brim hat as well (gotta protect your skin!).
As far as sketching supplies, just bring your favorites.
It's always so much fun to see what everyone else is using and how they use it.

I  think that part of the attraction, for me, to attending the Sketch In is the social aspect of it.
You're around artistic & creative people who understand how your mind works and appreciate it!
You get to bounce ideas and perspectives off of them, you can talk about/explain how you approach your drawings and you can learn so much by watching others sketch!
But you can certainly sketch quietly as well!

It's a great experience for those that want to learn how to begin urban sketching.
There is no pressure to perform here. Everyone that goes, goes because they love the art of sketching on site.
Or they are doing it to see how much they like it.
But you'll never know if you like it until you try it.
So, why not try it today?

The "regular Sketch In" is the third Monday of each month.
We are trying to schedule another during the month away from the downtown area.
Even though our downtown area is beautiful and has many, many tempting sites to sketch at, we thought it would be fun to go other places as well.
We're planning on going to the town of Tryon NC this May 28. I'll post more details closer to that date.

Check out our blog.
We would love it if you "follow" along with us as we draw our part of the world.

Don't forget, we have a facebook page as well that we chat on - add us as a friend!
We also discuss future sites for our Sketch In there.

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