Monday, May 9, 2011

Hello All, Jill K. Berry here. My news is that my book, Personal Geographies: Explorations in Mixed-Media Mapmaking is now on Amazon for pre-order. I cannot tell you how excited I am about this! It is my first book, and it has lots of projects that can involve sketching, collaging and other techniques that we are all experimenting with here.
In my class in September in Orvieto, Italy we will be doing lots of what is going on here too. Sketching, mapping and putting together journal pages with collage and stories. Check out my blog for some samples.

I am working on some resists now, one of which is featured here. It is a unique approach I think, involving sumi ink and dish soap. Enjoy!


  1. Interesting technique. Good luck with the book.

  2. I left you a comment on your post on your site.

  3. Love that cover, Jill and I can't wait to see the insides!


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