Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Lyric's on the radio

Mark your calendars!
This Wednesday the 18th - 3-5pm EST.
Tune in to http://toginet.com/  
Lyric will be rambling around the microphone with Mark Lipinski, musing on the joys of creativity and becoming an artist, sketching

If you miss it you can catch it later (same place) in podcast form.

And just for a little inspiration.
I think I'm addicted to drawing faces now.
 I used to RESIST drawing them. Ignoring them. They were too hard.
Now even when the sketchbook is "full" I find more spaces to draw more faces.
 I still don't consider myself "good" at it but I'm much better than I was.
I draw from life or from my imagination.
I draw my children, the faces in my children's books.
I draw my friends and their children too.
If I can do it.... you have no excuse.


  1. Faces? Oh boy, I want to but so far my efforts haven't been so good. Will think about it though.

  2. your results are spectacular; what a fabulous collection of drawn faces - I loved the addition of the frog too. It's rather amazing isn't it how you can somehow "gravitate" to something ou resisted for some time. Well done!

  3. I just made a resolution to "do the work" too. I'm tired of avoiding drawing people when I'm out sketching. :)

  4. Trying to get her - and not finding it - the radio show I mean...1:00 in CO = 3:00 EST right?

  5. Lyric - You were terrific. Your humor came right through. Hooray!


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