Saturday, May 14, 2011

Sketchbook Artist Profile: Janeys Journal

Jane LaFazio here. One of the very first blogs I started following is Janeys Journey. I love her style, her humor and her kitties! I refer to her as East Coast Janey and she calls me West Coast Jane. Of course, I found out her real name is Carol, but that's a story for another time! Janey creates zines of her artwork and sells them and occassionally orginals in her etsy shop.

Jane LaFazio: Why do you keep a sketchbook and how often do you work in it?

Janeys Journey.I'm actually rather sketchbook challenged. Put a moleskine in front of me and I freeze. I mean Picasso drew in those. I now think a sketchbook is anything you want it to be. So I use Art Profolio books (meant for photos) to store loose drawings as well as real sketchbooks for different topics. I can't really say why I keep a sketchbook but I know why I draw. There's really no alternative. Having picked up a pen after a lapse of over 20 years, I can't imagine not drawing, every day. And there is so much to draw. My view of the world is now based on how will that look on paper.

Jane LaFazio: Do you work in just one at a time or do you have several going at once?
Janeys Journey.I like to draw a series of one thing and I'm on the prolific side so I have several different ones. Right now I have one each for quilts, cats and dogs, figures, portraits, farm critters and children. I just started one for softies. Everything else goes into my profolio books. In one year I've gone from being petrified to drawing in a sketchbook to keeping all these going at the same time.

Jane LaFazio: What's your preferred format and preferred medium for using in your sketchbook? watercolor, pen, pencil, crayon, collage etc?

Janeys Journey.I use Barnes and Nobles sketchbooks, the spiral ones -10.25"x7.25: and 8.25"x5.25". The paper is heavy and smooth. My first love is pen. I have a thing about sharp lines. I very rarely draw in pencil. I like the absoluteness of a pen. No going back. And really, if you leave the mistake in, it's not a mistake it's technique. For color I mostly use markers (copic - over 400 colors) or watercolor crayons (no water with them. More intense color than regular crayons).

Jane LaFazio: What advice do you have for someone who wants to keep a sketchbook but doesn't know how to begin?

Janeys Journey.Don't start with a sketchbook. I found them to be very intimidating. Loose paper in a folder can be your sketchbook. And draw everything in sight. I draw my junk mail. I went through a phase (short one thankfully) of drawing urinals. I found a web site dedicated to urinals around the world. There's a web site everything. And cats. I draw lots of cats. They make great models. They sleep alot.

Janey even did portraits of my Kitties, Buddy & BeBop.
Buddy by Janeys Journal

BeBop by Janey on the SE Coast!
BeBop by Janeys Journal

So, go check out Janeys Journey and leave a comment saying you read about her on The SketchBook Challenge. I bet she'll choose a couple of you and send you a zine!


  1. Thank you for sending us to Janey's.

    Love her work!

  2. Oh, these ARE FABULOUS!!! Thanks so much for sharing, Jane and Janey. From another Jane.

  3. I {heart} these!! So great. I love, love your blog, too!
    Ha~ I've never drawn junk mail, but I often draw my husband's soda cans when I'm stuck in the car for a long drive. And I have more sketches of my shoes than I can count.
    Thank you for the encouraging words.

  4. Your sketches have so much personality! I can see Jane's cats' personalities in your sketches. I like to sketch my boys - two red-haired poodles. They are twins but couldn't be any different. One is "City Pup" and the other is "Country Pup"!
    Their personalities are iin the eyes.
    Thanks for sharing, Suzanne G in NC


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