Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Sketchbook on location

lavender inn

lavender inn
Jane LaFazio here. I love sketching and watercolor on location. I just visited beautiful, artsy Ojai, California, and enjoyed working in my sketchbook at the bed & breakfast we stayed in.
kitty and journal pages
The cat in residence really liked my work!
watercolor in progress
A few minutes before breakfast to draw and paint the centerpiece.
gerbera daisy
The joy of keeping a sketchbook is that it doesn't take long to record your experience. Just a pencil, ink pen, and watercolor and a little time (less than 45 minutes) to create a sketchbook page and a permanent memory of your visit.


  1. Jane I love your flower sketch/painting. I think we must have a future...Lori W at Art Camp for Women

  2. What a beautiful place to stay. You've captured your memories in such a sweet way, too. No wonder the cat was enthusiastic!

  3. I would love to start a sketchbook ...but am full of fear ;-)
    Your work is wonderful. What i would like to know is do you paint the scene/subject first then add pen work?

  4. Sketching is so much more of a memory than a photo. The act of sitting, stilling yourself, noticing, and the time and energy you are devoting to that item, that place, that moment. No matter how great or small - what a meaningful memory... I wish the chance would present itself some day to meet - perhaps next time I am in SD visiting Cooky at the Shep...Coffee and sketching in Old Town?

  5. Jane--spectacular as always. I always feel so inspired to draw when you post!


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