Sunday, June 12, 2011

Individual Pathways

If you've read any of my posts here or those at my blog (oh, Carol Sloan here), you'll know that I've been um,,, out of sorts here-lately.
Been having a bit of trouble finding (or staying) on my creative pathway.

I'm using previous marks that I've made to lead me back to the "right" path.

Last time I posted, I talked about using the individual elements of a collage idea to spark some energy.
I've continued to do that - going back to my very basic art routines to rebuild my momentum.
In today's post I'll approach it from the blank page of my trusty pocketbook sketchbook.

I went to the library in Anderson SC while my husband was at a meeting.
I browsed through the (non) fiction books, picked out a couple or three and went to the small coffee cafe to wait for my sweetie.

Sitting at a small round table with a small silk greenery arrangement on it.
Looking out of a tall window at an even taller building across the street.

I had the thought that I should do some sketching...
draw the silk greenery...
sketch the "McDuffie Place" building across the street...

none of these three things ever did anything, did they?

But sitting there at that small table, looking at that small greenery arrangement in front of a tall window, across the street from an even taller building, I decided that I WOULD do something.
Not just sit there and think about it.

Nike was right, right?
Just Do It.

So, here is what I did in about 10 minutes...

The small arrangement on the small round table?

 That (even) taller building in front of the tall window (McDuffie Place)?

That's how it all looked to me and my trusty pen.

Little by little, sketch by sketch I'm settling into my sweet spot for creating.
I'm learning (again and again) not to rush things...
just allow it all to happen in its own time.

I hope that you're all peeking at the Flickr photos from time to time!
And that you're adding your own too!

Together we can find our own individual pathways.


  1. Thanks for your honesty. So often in blogland we only see snippets of perfection. You post is a reminder for me to trust the artistic process - even when it is s-l-o-w.

  2. Really like these sketches, especially the building.

  3. Oh Nancy- if you look at my work you will see that perfection is not what I am after. I just try to find a balance that pleases me...not what I think everyone else will like.
    @ Shirley - thank you! I want to go back and add some color to the sketches.

  4. I appreciated your comments. It was very helpful learning how you're working through it. Keep posting. Your readers are supporting you.

  5. Your sketches are always wonderful - glad you are managing to plow through the stuck times!

  6. I really like your blog and have just become a follower. These drawings are so lovely, I will be back.
    Best wishes.
    Sue xx


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