Saturday, June 11, 2011

Staining Papers and Scribble Collage in Guilford

I am teaching a two-day Scribble Collage workshop at Guilford Art Center in Guilford, CT on June 25 and 26th. This time I am doing it a little differently. We will spend the first morning making stained tissue papers:

Which are beautifully luminous:

We will make patterns and textures on the stained papers:

And glitz them up with shimmer mists and metallic paints.

We will also paint light weight drawing papers, newspaper, and printed papers to make a big yummy stash of collage materials.

On the second day we will focus on creating collage compositions, working in small series.

I got such a strong response to my "Staining Papers" posts from a few months ago, that I decided to include it in this workshop. In my own work I use a lot of stained tissue paper in conjunction with my painted drawing papers. Thanks for visiting!


  1. Please, I have a request of all the posters here, and elsewhere for that matter, when you mention where an event will be, please give the STATE along with the city. I know I can't remember where all the member artists live, and many States have cities with the same name - Salem, MA and Salem OR are 3000 miles apart but are both just "Salem" to the locals. You are publicizing events that I am sure you would love people to join, but we need to know where. Please don't make me/us go on a treasure hunt for it. In this case the event is in CT in case anyone reading comments wants to know, but it took several clicks to figure that out.

  2. What a great way to spend two days!!

  3. what a wonderful workshop...wish I could go....but I live in Utah.


  4. Beautiful papers! I would love to be in your class!


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