Monday, June 27, 2011

Tree lined pathways ~ different interpretations

near the lake montecito
Jane LaFazio here. I just returned from a fabulous gig as 'artist of the week' at Montecito Sequoia Family Summer Camp, near Sequoia/Kings Canyon National Parks in California.
near the lake
I taught two classes each morning, and above are the two demos I did. Below is the scene we worked from.
lake view page

@lake view students
Some of my students
Student work ~ the dad    student work~ the dad's 7 year old daughter
Above are two images from my students of the same scene. The one on the left is the dad's and the one on the right, his 7 year old daughter. Pretty darn cute, huh?
hiking boot
Above is a 'straight to pen' using a Tombow pen, water soluble pen...of my hiking boot.
montecito journal
Another quckie, in my journal.
It was a fabulous week of teaching people (from age 5-75) to see and draw and paint outdoors, chronicling their vacation.


  1. absolutely wonderful! I love these drawings. What an excellent class that was to teach.

  2. These are so wonderful.Since I had dramas with my really great camera...these inspire me to draw my way across the country!!!

  3. Awesome class, Jane!, it reminds me that I need to get out and do some painting.I loved taking your on line class last February. Thank you for more inspiration!

  4. Jane,
    What a wonderful place to teach a workshop and be able to sketch and paint. Your work is lovely, as usual. Love your trees and rocks -so colorful. Thanks for sharing - you are affecting many lives in such a positive way.


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