Thursday, July 21, 2011

elements from the masters

A couple of years ago I bought this book:

It's a huge heavy coffee table book and it's one of my favorites to flip through when I'm looking for a creative shove.  Recently I was flipping through it and came across the section on Klimt:

 excerpt from page 413 ("Emilie Floege" Klimt)  and from page 414 ( "The Kiss" Klimt)

After all, where better to turn for inspiration than to the masters of art themselves?  When I do this I am not looking for things to copy, I'm looking for elements of art that catch my eye and make me want to pick up my sketchbook.  In the case of the pages above, the detail of the square motifs with the contrasting colors made me stop and look closer.  I shut the book, grabbed a couple of colored pencils and opened my sketchbook:

 After filling a few pages like the one you see above with some random doodles of shapes in contrasting colors I grabbed some Mistyfuse, some fabric and turned on the iron...

"inside out" hand dyed cotton, machine stitched, 12" x 30"

So the next time you're looking for some inspiration consider a trip to the library or the bookstore and grab an art book.  You might find just what you're looking for!


  1. I need this book! Good ideas in your sketchbook.

  2. Great interpretation adding your creativity.

  3. Great idea and what beautiful results. xx

  4. Looks like a great book and I sure like where Klimt took you!

  5. I love Klimt and LOVE the way you interpreted his design squares. Well done! All the best - Chris


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