Sunday, July 17, 2011

Elements of Art Journal Page

AJ Stones Paint Scrapings
Hello, Sketchbook Challengers! Diana here. with an art journaling project that I did with my Teen Journaling class this week. I enjoyed creating this page and thought that you might get some ideas from it as well.

Here's what you'll need: Journal, stones, waterproof black pen, crayons and flat textured items (such as doilies, leaves, etc.), a magazine, gluestick, scissors or x-Acto, paints (any colors/brands: the kids used craft paints), a hunk of cardboard and a dampened paint rag.

I've been on a mission for the past few years to try to get students to lose their fear of drawing. Unfortunately, the teens need this encouragement as much as adults. As near as I can tell, it starts in 4th-5th grade.

So we did some contour drawing. I had a box of stones and gave everyone one stone, explaining how to do a contour drawing (pretend there is a tiny ant crawling around the countour of the stone and simply trace it with your eyes, letting your pen line follow).

I also wanted to assure them (and you!) that these drawings wouldn't show by the end of the class. So, draw your stone and then take another. I had the kids pass the stones around. Fill up a page until you have a pattern,
AJ Stone Drawing
Keep an eye on the negative spaces being created outside of the Shapes. So now you have Line and Shape and it is time to start patterns so pull out the texture plates (leaves, doilies, etc) and crayons and begin to fill the shapes in with patterns like this:
AJ Stones crayon rubbing
Lay the texture plate behind your page and, using the side of your crayon, rub it lightly back and forth.
Now you've got Pattern/Texture. As you begin to create the rubbings within the shapes, you are aware of the shape and the patterns you are creating. Keep watching the page grow as a whole. You are working with color here, of course and you can layer the crayon colors one on top of another to mix the colors.

Just for fun, I decided to add some wordplay. Begin to go through your magazine and cut out words. Make a little pile of them and then, begin stringing them together. This is also composition (hee hee hee!)
AJ Rubbing with words
Finally, it is time for color. This is such fun. Grab your paints (just 3 or 4) and your cardboard hunk.
Dot some paints down on the page and scrape them around. You will be covering the words at this point, but that is OK, as we'll wipe them off in the last step. Your page might look something like this:
AJ Painting
Now you might want to wipe up some of the paint on your words with a damp rag. Sometimes you have to scrub kind of hard. If your letters begin to disappear you can go over them with a sharpie.
AJ Wipe Excess Paint
and Voila! You've touched on line, shape, pattern, color, composition and negative/positive shape with this journal page. I hope you enjoy it.

This tutorial was cross-posted over on my blog and I've put a link in the Tutorial Page here.


  1. Cool project. Smiling at the amount of learning done by playing around.

  2. Thanks for sharing this.I may use it with the group I work with.

  3. What a fun idea. Thanks for the step by step instructions.

  4. fun idea Diana! I love combinng collage & paint on my journal pages.


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