Tuesday, August 16, 2011

book of everyday objects

For this months theme I wanted to create a book of some of the everyday objects that I encounter throughout my day.  Rather than use pencil, pen or paint for my sketches I decided to use another everyday object from my studio: fabric.

First I added a watercolor wash to a few pieces of watercolor paper and then cut them to measure 6"x12".  

Then I dumped out my fabric scrap pile (all of which has been prefused with Mistyfuse of course) and started cutting and fusing.  Here's a look at the inside of my everyday objects book:

Each day starts out with a cup (or two or three) of coffee.  Then it's into the studio where I might find myself sitting at the sewing machine trying to decide what thread to use.

or maybe I'll decided to work with my watercolors...

There's always a walk to the mailbox at some point during the day to collect the mail...

and I always stop and walk through the garden on the way back from collecting the mail...


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