Friday, August 12, 2011

Drawing Hearts

Diana here with a a little drawing exercise ... and a motivation (a giveaway is linked at the end of this post)

Hearts Blindfolded 
Is there some that you draw repeatedly? Doodle over and over? Lately - you may have noticed ;), stones have appeared whenever I hold a pen. It is the heart of the stone that I'm seeking. Inspiration came unexpectedly (you can read this post) and hearts began appearing.

Here is a fun exercise that you may want to try in your sketchbook. Sit quietly with your book and pen and then close your eyes and begin to draw hearts. You've drawn hearts since kindergarten so it is a simple shape. Hearts are imperfect, aren't they? So your drawings will be as well.

I opened my eyes from time to time while drawing to get a bearing on the page. My page full o'hearts sat a bit and then words began to form as to what kind of heart it was or what that particular heart meant to me.

If you turn a stone around a bit and you can find the heart. 
Green Heart

I think the stone of a heart is soft and warm. 
Heart Red

I enjoyed rummaging through the stone collection, looking for hearts.

Heart Shaped Stones 

And your prize for reading this? Go here for a giveaway at my blog. Comment for a chance to get a copy of my DVD, Playful Paper Backgrounds (thanks to Interweave) and a couple of goodies from me!


  1. Great post! I have been finding heart shaped rocks every time I take my dog walking. I started a tray with all the beautiful heart stones! The energy is wonderful and loving.

  2. Diana, I want to thank you for the practical and fun drawing exercises you post. I am passing on your inspirations and techniques to others who have life altering medical conditions in groups and workshops I lead.
    Know that your work is giving people who are suffering, in pain a way to express the invisible.
    Thank you!

  3. What a great exercise Diana! Its fun, easy to accomplish and yet it draws you in!

    Thanks so much for this fun!


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