Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Everyday Backgrounds

Hi, Carol Sloan here again.
I teach a fun class about painting backgrounds - whether it's for a page in your art journal or on a canvas for the wall.
I've started a new batch of pages for some handmade books that I will be selling soon and I thought I'd give you a peek at one of the ways that I begin to paint a page.

1. Randomly smear gesso on a piece of heavier paper. Don't worry about covering every inch of the page. The areas without the gesso will add great interest later on.
2. Using everyday objects as your stencils, spray/spritz watered down acrylic paint over the area. In the photo, I use a plastic doily, a piece of scrapbook paper, a hand cut bird and a Tim Holtz mask as my stencil. Move the stencils (& masks) randomly over the page. Acrylic ink, dyes and watercolor paints in spritzers & sprayers will work just as well.

Here's a peek at the first layer of my new pages.
I did use a Pitt Artist Pen to scratch an outline around some of the shapes.
Think waterproof with the pen that you use for this...I will continue to add layers over the top of this and (at this point) am unsure of what will be next. I'm just waiting for inspiration to hit me again...

Remember to upload your photos to the Flickr site (instructions here) so you will be in the drawing for the awesome prizes this month!


  1. Awesome technique! It gives great depth to the paper. Beautiful!

  2. Love the layer of colors & ghost images from the masks! I went after the Everyday Objects theme this month, using items from the kitchen to create a background. Fun! :>

  3. I can't wait to see what I unfurl. This is going to be fun!!


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