Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Three Every Day Objects and My "Baby"

This is part of a coffee cup.

This is part of my computer cord.

Hello! Carla Sonheim here!

This month's challenge has been a challenge! I don't often draw OBJECTS from life, and I thank Jane for giving us this little push. (When I draw from life I usually draw faces or people!)

The above two drawings are quite small... like one inch by 1.5 inches... and were made while trying to write a journal entry. (I edited out the words so as not to bore you to tears; my journal entries read thusly: "I don't really have a thing to write about. Write write write? About what?" Direct quote. I'm serious.)

Here's another:
Hey! I use it EVERY DAY!!!!

And here's what I just LOVE to work on in my sketchbooks: Blobimals! (Animals created from random "blobs.")



  1. love your blobamil! (sorry if i spelled it wrong...the comment form took me off the blog page)

  2. Love the blobinals...I think the spellings of this word are just as creative as the blobs :)

  3. carla -- I love you -- you just say it like it is -- love your inspiring blogs -- you are truly a gift -- cant wait for next silly class -- enjoyed junk mail class -- whats next -- hope you come to raleigh next year --

  4. blobimals. Yes. I keep meaning to actually draw an everyday object but everytime I start it becomes something else.


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