Monday, August 22, 2011

A (not so) Everyday Object

Leslie here.  I received a rather unusual, beautiful object during the last holiday season from my daughter:  a beautiful shell.  My children know what sorts of things I love to stare at, so this has become one of my "everyday" objects in the studio.  I love to surround myself with wonderful and interesting objects.  In this case I have chosen to draw the object on cloth rather than paper.  To be honest, I found this quite daunting, especially because I was using thinned black acrylic paint and a ruling pen.
here is an example of a simple ruling pen

If you decide to try this I recommend using very high thread count cloth, something that I (ahem) learned the hard way.  A typical course of action for me, sad to say.  I taped my square of cloth to the work surface to prevent shifting, and found that holding the pen in a consistent angle to the cloth gave me better control over my marks.
Incidentally, I have a new website!  Please stop by and take a peek, and leave a comment on my blog if you have time.


  1. your shell is beautiful! I see a thermo fax in your future.

  2. I bought one of these pens when Melly talked about them on her blog. They are awesome to play with! Love your drawing!

  3. Beautiful object and really fabu drawing. Will you use it in a quilting project? I could see doing some stitch on top of that piece. Wow ... now you got me cranking.

  4. I was given an old ruling pen as a gift from a fellow quilter whose father was a graphic artist - she thinks the pen came from the early 30's. I love using it with Tsukineko and other metallic inks to write on fabrics - especially high density cotton or silk like 'batiks' and hand dyeds. Lovely!

    :) linda


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