Monday, August 29, 2011

Table Objects

Susan R Sorrell-
Since I have been on the road this summer, it seems I have been sitting down to eat at different tables. Restaurants and families always have objects sitting around and it makes for an easy still life to draw. I am still working on my contour line drawings and love to explore contour lines in my embroidery. 


I enjoy overlapping my objects and drawing them in different scales of size. It really makes for a more interesting drawing.

Maybe in the next few months I will add color to my drawings, but right now I am satisfied with the black and white of my sketch.


  1. Fun pages, Susan, and I think I must have eaten at some of the same places. They do provide almost ready-made still lifes, don't they?

    I just started doing contour drawings again, and love the b/w look. I'm sure doing these helps me "see" better.

  2. Wonderful Susan, I see an embroidery in your future!


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