Friday, September 23, 2011

Learn the Language of Art with Lyric Kinard

If you are looking for an easy way to learn about art, to pick up the basics of the visual language,
I'd like to suggest my upcoming class:

The Artist's Toolbox
Reaching by Lyric Kinard

An on-line course at www.

based on the book

Come learn the basic alphabet of the visual language, the elements and principles of good design.

I'll walk you through each element, explaining them in easy to understand language and metaphors.

We'll observe each element of the visual language in the world around us.
We'll learn to see with the eyes of an artist.

Finally we'll put what we've learned into practice through practical exercises.

The supply list couldn't be simpler.
Sketchbook and whatever drawing stuff you have
Glue Stick
Fabric of Paper Scraps

Class begins September 30


  1. Perfect material for an online class! I love your book, and I recommend it a lot.

  2. I took your course last spring and loved it. The tutorials were especially great.... lots of real world examples from everyday objects and fine art. Highly recommended.


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