Friday, September 9, 2011

New Online Class

Hi. Jane Davies here. Ideas are always unfurling and re-furling, if that's a word, in my head and in my studio, as I'm sure is the case with most of you. This summer I've been particularly focused on developing new ideas for workshops. I'm delighted to offer a new online class, Text and Image: Telling Stories in Collage, starting October 19. In this workshop we will explore the power of image-word relationships by pushing beyond the traditional "illustrated text" or "photo with caption" formats into a world of complex layers of meaning, exciting surprises, and personal expression. Read the full description here.


"Are You Ready"
I am very excited to teach this online class, as I've been working with found text and pairing it with images on and off for quite a while. I love using different kinds of text for its visual texture and pattern, and also using it for its meaning - which can be completely altered by the imagery associated with it. Fun fun FUN! Hope some of you can join us!

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