Sunday, September 11, 2011

Tutorials Galore!

Hi Sketchbookers, Diana here. I've been busily preparing video tutorials for you. Each tutorial is related to my upcoming classes at the Art Is You Retreat, October 6-1 in Danbury, CT. This is the best way to unfurl!

This is a friendly, fabulous and fun venue! Sallianne and Ellen make it warm and family-like (and yes, there are flamingo races in the lobby.)

Trinity on Canvas, Fri., Oct. 6. A painting classes using acrylic paints and acrylic glaze liquid. Here is a little video on how to begin a canvas using just three colors.

Coptic Stitch Rescue Journal, Sat., Oct 7, Here is a quick way to turn those beautiful old book covers into a portfolio.

Pasted and Flagged (Saturday, Oct. 8)You can view the blog post here. This is a paste paper and flag book workshop. Here is the video

Oh! I hope you enjoy these videos and that they entice you to learn more. Come on ... you deserve a break and Art Is You is a perfect place to take it!

You can see the full posts on these tutorials on my blog here.  My free online class, Watercolor Primer, is here. Enjoy.


  1. You always have the best tutorials! Thanks so much!

  2. Thanks for the videos. What is the advantage of mixing the two glues, over using straight PVA?

  3. You are so CUTE!!!! Hope your classes fill up; they should with this preview!


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