Monday, October 24, 2011

A Different View

Carol here, commenting on the "View" theme again.

I did a post on my personal blog this week about a get together with a friend of mine.
Nancy and I played around with making paste paper.

I've been painting what some call "Artist Paper" for a couple (or more) years now.
I usually call them "painted backgrounds" because I usually wind up doing something else on top of them, or collage an art element over them or utilize them in one of my art journals.

But one thing that I noticed after photographing some of them is that, based on your point of view, you see totally different images on them.
Take this one for instance...

The first thing that I see is the gold stamped poppies, then the two perpendicular marks on the left side. The next thing I notice is the dark red screened image (which is a drawn seed head type thingie).
My husband saw the marks on the left side last (in the order of three).
I guess that each person will "see" this differently...from their own point of view.

Here is another view of the same paper.

This is a close-up of one section. Notice that the screen printed image  (because of the way the light is hitting it) appears different. The gold poppy is still the first thing that we see...because of the paint that I stamped it with.
I used the Golden Fluid Acrylics Iridescent Gold Deep (Fine) for this. It is a beautiful, beautiful gold paint. And if you water it down, it just shimmers in the light. But be careful about too much of it - you just need a little bit.
I plan on adding more layers to these papers.
Hop over to my blog to see the other ones that we did. I've posted some of the more traditional paste papers over there.

Don't forget to post your sketchbook entries in the Flickr site. Tag them with the special code to be entered into this months give away.

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  1. Those colors!!! I'm finding it hard to breathe normally!!!


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